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Partnership with Moda Fabrics

Who knew that designing quilts could be so satisfying? Something about the exactness of designing to a grid really appeals to the graphic designer in me. My Big Bear head is the first quilt I designed in collaboration with Moda Fabrics and the kit became a best seller. I love clean modern design and this is something I strive to create in my quilts. Paper Patterns are available for wholesale purchase through Moda, PDF Patterns are for sale in my online store.

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Pattern Corrections

Although my quilt patterns undergo rigorous testing in advance of release, sometimes errors can occur. See below for corrections.

Yucatan — pattern correction: see updated quilt layout diagram here.

Snowy Yurts — Chimney Substitution correction:

Chimney Substitution Cutting Instructions change:

Fabric A: Cut (2) 2 3/8" x WOF strips. Sub-cut (20) 2 3/8" squares (NOT (2) 2 1/8” WOF strips and (20) 2 1/8" squares).

Snowy Yurts Corresponding instruction change: Page 6, Step 1 and Step 2. Please use a 2 3/8“ square instead of a 2 1/8” square.